Write On

May flew by in a flurry and it is now June 2nd.  Next month is the RWA Conference 2016 in San Diego.  This will be my first REALLY BIG conferences.  RWA has a national conference once a year and they alternate it on opposite sides of the U.S. each year.  For anyone living in California or Arizona – it would be a waste not to go.  I am all set – rooming with my good friend Kathleen Rowland and have my ticket for the Pacific Surfliner leaving out of Union Station – looking forward to riding the train – no traffic, no worries or cost of parking at the conference hotel.  YEAH!!

Since my last post I have been feeling better and better.  Almost a year since my first knee surgery and nearly six months since my last one (glad I don’t have anymore legs!).  The last couple of weeks I have really felt more like my old self.  Back to writing almost every day and new ideas keep popping into my head for stories.  Someday I am going to try a short story but until then, happy with what I am doing.

My first completed manuscript, Cache Under the Stacks, a romantic suspense tome, I am trying to fine tune, meaning editing, is coming along.  At the suggestion from a couple of people in my critique group and a writing instructor, I am in the process of changing verb tenses from present to past.  Initially, it was based on a personal experience I had so hence the present tense but overall it sounds better in the past tense.  It is quite a task but worth it in the long run.  Every day I aim to move through the manuscript until I am at the end.  Reading it to my critique group has helped a lot.  Good to have comments that are for the most part, ones I have taken to heart.

I have another manuscript which is a historical fiction, Sophie’s War, which is giving me pause to think about writing historicals.  More about Sophie later. They take more time, the research is intense and writing a romance or suspense novel would be easier and faster.  BUT, being the operative word, I love history and research so I am going to keep plugging along. I am reading in my genre which is helpful as I pick up lots of key information.  Right now I about to finish The Lilac Girls which has been, at times a tough read but so well written.  It evolves around three women affected by the occurrences at Ravensbruck, a concentration camp for women, that was set up for experimentations.  The book is a riveting read and the author, Martha Hall Kelly, has captured the essence of the period and the horrific treatment by the Nazi regime. Five stars for this one!

Until next time – keep reading and enjoy your summer.




Today is Friday April 15th!  Normally the day taxes are due but the government has given us until the 18th! Yeah!!

It also commemorates the first posting on my new website. As a writer I know how important social media is and getting my name out there.  I am unpublished but looking for beta readers for a manuscript I have.  Want to get it through this phase so I can have it published.  Any ideas who I can turn to?

I have another MS I am working on and it is of a historical nature.  WWII to be exact. The research is never ending and I always have had a hard time even in college knowing when to stop and just write! I know it is advised to WRITE and not stop and make revisions as you go but that is hard for me to do.  Guess it goes back to my paralegal days.

Finally, anyone ever have a debate with yourself – you have two conferences to attend and which one do you pick?  Both are highly recommended! Why do they have to be in the same week?  Suggestions welcome!

Have a great weekend everyone!