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Catching Up!

I have been absent from my own blog for a long time. My apologies to everyone and myself but I have a good excuse. I have been working tirelessly on preparing my manuscript Cache Under the Stacks for publication. I am proud to introduce the cover for my first book and kudos to Archway Publishing for the artwork. If you notice the little white dog midway down the stairs – her name is Minnie and she is a low profile character in my book. More later. Back to the drawing board – reviewing the galleys. But in the meantime, working on a new book, Starting Over, which takes place on the island of Kauai. Excited about this one too! But a ways to go – meaning another 20K words or so. So aloha for now!

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Happy Thanksgiving

I am so very thankful for everyone who has supported my writing career and given me encouragement and support. It hasn’t been easy and is a continual process of learning and adapting why I learn to my writing and making it the best I can. I am thankful for the new writing friends I have met this year at the conferences I attended and look forward to a long relationship with everyone!Blessed Thanksgiving

Catching Up

Hello OctoberThe fall is my favorite time of the year. I think that is because October is my birthday month. I love the autumn colors and foliage. I don’t necessarily like the days getting shorter but that is something we all have to live with until the days start getting longer again in December! I love pumpkin, spice, witches and goblins. I recall one birthday I spent in the Napa Valley and waking up to the frost on the vines – what a gorgeous site – crisp fall air and clear blue skies!

Last month I attended the Historical Writer’s of America Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico at the beautiful Hyatt Tamayo Resort and Spa. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to take advantage of the spa and horseback riding since I was involved with attending great workshops practically every waking minute. But they were extremely worthwhile and I got acquainted with some fantastic people!


Hi Everyone!

It has been too long since I posted here and for that I have no excuse except I have busy with writing and attending conferences. The last one – the Historical Novel Society was held in Portland, Oregon June 22-24 at the beautiful Hilton Hotel in downtown Portland.

There were many workshops –  I had to carefully pick and chose as I couldn’t attend all of them. One of those I attended was – Battle Tested: Women in the Two World Wars with panel members Jennifer Robson and Kate Quinn.  Another one Recent Historical Fiction on the “War to End All Wars” was presented by Glen Craney, Jennifer Robson, and Mary Tod. In addition I took in a panel talking about Historical Romance Writers. In addition, Come With Me to the Land Faraway was beautifully presented by Janie Chang, Elsa Hart, Weina Dai Randel and moderated by Kevan Lyon.  I participated in the Blue Pencil Cafe which allowed me to have a mentor review 10 pages of my manuscript. I was fortunate that I drew Jennifer Robson who is a prolific historical writer of tomes set during WWI and WWII so we had a lot in common. She gave me wonderful feedback on Sophie’s War for which I am grateful. Our luncheon speakers were top-notch – the wonderful Geraldine Brooks author of People of the Book and one of my favs Nine Parts of DesireThe Hidden World of Islamic Women. On Saturday, we were thrilled to have David Ebershoff, author of The Danish Girl and Pasadena. Coincidentally, David is a native of Pasadena as I am and in conversation we talked about our love for our beautiful city. The Historical Novel Society did not disappoint and brought to us top notch luncheon speakers. The conference was over before we knew it and we all brought home lovely memories and information that we can using writing our manuscripts. I am back to the keyboard working hard on a couple of things; primarily Starting Over and Sophie’s War. It is such fun to do what I love to do – putting words on paper for others to someday enjoy!

Busy as a Bee

Kauai - Lyndgate Park 4

As usual, I am late in posting but for a good reason.  I have been seriously busy writing my latest novel, Starting Over.  Since my last posting, I managed another run through of Cache Under the Stacks and set a goal of finding an editor to look it over before handing it off to beta readers.  Finally, I intend to shop it to agents and if no one takes a nibble, will probably go the self-publishing route by year’s end.  I have hoped to traditionally publish Cache, but I am well aware of the marketplace. It puzzles me when I hear of what publishers are looking for.  Most of which are not in my genre.  But I know there are readers out there for Cache:  I just have to find them.

This writing business is much harder than I had ever expected.  It is so much more than just sitting down to write.  There are many steps to writing a book that leads a writer to the pinnacle of completion. Putting it all together to make your work shine is hard but doable but not for the impatient.  I tell myself to have patience and take it one day at a time, and I know the outcome is worth working towards.

Spring Has Sprung

Somewhere but certainly not here in Pasadena.  Oh, we had a couple of warm days but it is back to cloudy, chilly weather with a prediction of rain for this week.

I have been remiss – a long time between posts – in fact too long.  I must do better in the future.

But I have moving forward with editing my manuscript Cache Under the Stacks.  My goal is to have it done done by late summer or early fall and have it in the hands of a publisher.  If that doesn’t work then I will try my hand at self-publishing.  I have to see how it goes.  Often I have times of thinking it isn’t good enough to be published but have to shake that loose and move on.

Writing is a lot of hard work and I have learned a lot. I think that with the one I am working on now – it won’t take me as long and I can put to good use what I learned when writing Cache. and working on a new one, Starting Over.  This new one is fun for me as I am using a lot of what I experienced when we were on Kauai in December.  The book may be longer than I anticipated but I will have to see how it goes. Every time I reminisce with one of the pictures I took on Kauai like the one below I get excited to proceed with Starting Over!Kauai 3

Until next time – Aloha!