This month I have been totally absorbed in Alan Brennert’s Honolulu which lends itself somewhat to my latest work in progress Starting Over. Although Alan’s book takes place in the early 1900’s and concerns the plight of 3 Korean girls who as mail order brides travel from their homeland to Honolulu to meet their intended husbands my book is contemporary. My purpose in reading it as I write Starting Over is to place myself back in time to experience via Alan’s words their hardships and their triumphs.   But as I read about each girl I discover that while their lives though intertwined, each girl’s life  experiences are separate and unique as they travel life separately. Maintaining their lifelong friendship albeit some closer than another takes strength, courage and above all loyalty.  We follow their own personal struggles as the years go by. It is a far-reaching book and tugs at my heart strings with each word. Alan writes in vivid detail and as I read I step back in time and eavesdrop on the girls as they experience life in Honolulu.



Welcome to my recommendations for books to read.  I must warn you that the genre may be slanted to historical but will try to recommend other books as well.  Let’s get started with my current read The Lilac Girls by Martha Hall Kelly.  It is an excellent read but not for the faint of heart.  The lives of three women, Kasia, Herta, and Caroline intersect during World War II under the cloud of Ravensbruck, Hitler’s concentration camp for the experimentation on women prisoners.  Don’t want to say any more except I love this book.

I finally finished Black Roses by Jane Thynne this week and glad I did.  It is another tome of my favorite period – late 1930s into the beginning of WWII.  Lots of characters to keep up with and if you read it pay attention to the historical detail – there is a lot of it and lends itself to the mystery that is unfolded.  Rather hard for me to latch onto the mystery because most of the characters are from that period and I was intrigued with them and their personalities particularly the German officers.  The protagonist has her hands full but comes out – well you will just have to read it.  NO spoilers here!!