Busy as a Bee

Kauai - Lyndgate Park 4

As usual, I am late in posting but for a good reason.  I have been seriously busy writing my latest novel, Starting Over.  Since my last posting, I managed another run through of Cache Under the Stacks and set a goal of finding an editor to look it over before handing it off to beta readers.  Finally, I intend to shop it to agents and if no one takes a nibble, will probably go the self-publishing route by year’s end.  I have hoped to traditionally publish Cache, but I am well aware of the marketplace. It puzzles me when I hear of what publishers are looking for.  Most of which are not in my genre.  But I know there are readers out there for Cache:  I just have to find them.

This writing business is much harder than I had ever expected.  It is so much more than just sitting down to write.  There are many steps to writing a book that leads a writer to the pinnacle of completion. Putting it all together to make your work shine is hard but doable but not for the impatient.  I tell myself to have patience and take it one day at a time, and I know the outcome is worth working towards.


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