Monthly Archives: March 2017

Spring Has Sprung

Somewhere but certainly not here in Pasadena.  Oh, we had a couple of warm days but it is back to cloudy, chilly weather with a prediction of rain for this week.

I have been remiss – a long time between posts – in fact too long.  I must do better in the future.

But I have moving forward with editing my manuscript Cache Under the Stacks.  My goal is to have it done done by late summer or early fall and have it in the hands of a publisher.  If that doesn’t work then I will try my hand at self-publishing.  I have to see how it goes.  Often I have times of thinking it isn’t good enough to be published but have to shake that loose and move on.

Writing is a lot of hard work and I have learned a lot. I think that with the one I am working on now – it won’t take me as long and I can put to good use what I learned when writing Cache. and working on a new one, Starting Over.  This new one is fun for me as I am using a lot of what I experienced when we were on Kauai in December.  The book may be longer than I anticipated but I will have to see how it goes. Every time I reminisce with one of the pictures I took on Kauai like the one below I get excited to proceed with Starting Over!Kauai 3

Until next time – Aloha!