End of Summer

This time of year I start looking forward to autumn my favorite time of year with cooler days, leaves changing color, kids back to school, shorter days and the inevitable time change.

But with the end of summer approaching, I start to think of all I have accomplished and experienced and those things that I have yet to complete.  Summer evokes a sense of freedom to our spirit and life is carefree and relaxing.  It has never been my most favorite time of year, but I feel that is starting to change.  I can admit that this summer has been one of the several accomplishments.  While attending the Romance Writers of America Annual Conference aka Nationals in San Diego, I pitched my completed manuscript Cache Under the Stacks A Cate Reagan Mystery to an agent and an editor.  I was so excited and followed through with their requests for a query letter and a full manuscript respectively. I had hoped that one of them would take a bite and sign me on but figuring it was the first attempts out of the gate, probably would not be picked up by either of them.  I took the disappointment to heart and thinking positively am forging ahead.  I will still pursue submitting Cache in the hope someone will gleam onto it but in the meantime focus on writing one of my four story ideas each one in its state of progress. It is at this point I am in a quandary – which one do I work on.  My dear writing friend, A.E., said: “Just pick one.”  Easier said than done because I like the story ideas for all of them, but my sensible side tells me to go with the one which is the furthermost along.  It is also the one that is the most work with respect to research and plugging in details to the basic story.  This manuscript has been simmering on the back burner, and I think it is now time to put it on the front burner.  I need to make it a priority and just get on with it; I tell myself.  It is important that I make this commitment and just do it!   I can tell you that for all purposes the story moves to Europe at one of the most critical times in our history.  I am posting a hint on my Food page. Maybe someone will guess what I will be writing about or at least which country.




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