The Year is Half Over

Here we are coming upon the 4th of July which means that 6 months of the year have passed and I think back to what I have accomplished besides getting a new right knee which is a BIG thing don’t get me wrong.  But my productivity  has suffered so now I must step up my game.  I have five stories started and the one that I am most compelled to write is Sophie’s War – title subject to change.  I have 10,000 words plus and I get bogged down with the historical details.  My spouse has reminded me to get back to the story and the details I can insert later but that is not how I operate.  As a historian, MA in History from Cal State LA, I am detail driven!  So I need to keep reminding myself to just write and worry about the details later. I have received the same advice from fellow writers.  So as the saying goes – Write On!  I need to be more goal oriented and set goals that I can adhere to.  Of course the chapters of the Romance Writers of America have helped somewhat with their Book in a Year contests which kept me going last year.  I love the recognition of having written a 40K+ book in a year.  This doesn’t seem hard to do and in some respects it isn’t especially if I focused on straight romance or even mystery which I have thought about doing. So maybe I will???? But for now busy tying up loose ends on my Cache Under the Stacks and will be pitching it at the annual conference in San Diego next month.  What I need is an assistant????? How great would that be!! Have to figure out how to put my Maltese on my book cover.  The Maltese in the book is actually my own sweet Minnie! Actually putting her to work.



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