Monthly Archives: April 2016


Today is Friday April 15th!  Normally the day taxes are due but the government has given us until the 18th! Yeah!!

It also commemorates the first posting on my new website. As a writer I know how important social media is and getting my name out there.  I am unpublished but looking for beta readers for a manuscript I have.  Want to get it through this phase so I can have it published.  Any ideas who I can turn to?

I have another MS I am working on and it is of a historical nature.  WWII to be exact. The research is never ending and I always have had a hard time even in college knowing when to stop and just write! I know it is advised to WRITE and not stop and make revisions as you go but that is hard for me to do.  Guess it goes back to my paralegal days.

Finally, anyone ever have a debate with yourself – you have two conferences to attend and which one do you pick?  Both are highly recommended! Why do they have to be in the same week?  Suggestions welcome!

Have a great weekend everyone!