New Release

I am excited to announce the release of Starting Over. It is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


Books Read in 2019

These are the books that I finished reading for pleasure although because most were historical fiction I tried to tie them into what I was currently writing or planning to write. Enjoyed every one of them.

What shall I read next year?

Kristin HarmelThe Sweetness of Forgetting
Amanda QuickThe Other Lady Vanishes
Julia KellyLight Over London
Pam JenoffLost Girls of Paris
Alan BrennertDaughter of Molokai
Sara AckermanThe Lieutanant’s Nurse
Jennifer RobsonThe Gown
Kate QuinnThe Huntress
Lynda Cohen LoigmanThe Wartime Sisters
Beatriz Williams, Karen White, The Glass Ocean
Terry Lynn Thomas The Silent Woman
Patricia SandsA Season of Surprises at the Villa des Violettes
Sasscer HillFull Mortality A Nikki Latrelle Mystery Novel Book One
Melanie BenjaminMistress of the Ritz
Teresa Messineo The Fire by Night
Kari BoveeGrace in the Wings
Blythe BakerA Simple Country Murder a 1940s Cotswold Mystery
Tessa ArlenPoppy Redfern and the Midnight Murders
Heather MorrisCilka’s Journey

Latest News!

A belated Merry Christmas to everyone.

My big news is that my second book, Starting Over, has been published and is available on Amazon.

I loved writing this book and was lucky to be able to research while on the island of Kauai. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!


The past two weeks I have been off and on with a computer. My hubs has been busy switching me from a PC to a MAC. Never would I have known what a job it would be! It was an arduous task but kudos to him for hanging in and getting all my “stuff” moved over. I on the other hand am still getting used to the differences and checking to make sure I have what I need to work. Not much has been done on my manuscript(s) naturally but now that I am getting the hang of using my new MAC I think I can forge on. Plus I have an in store class at Apple to learn the ins and outs. Hopefully, more ins than outs! I love the responsiveness of the MAC but some of the differences will take some time. I am way behind in my writing but I have still been doing research and character development so all has not been for naught! My second novel Starting Over is with my publisher and I am anxiously awaiting their cover design!

Catching Up

The last month or so has flown by and I have been BUSY! I finished up my second novel Starting Over and submitted to the publisher. Waiting for the proofs and the proposed cover. It is an exciting time.

Earlier this month I traveled to San Antonio, Texas to attend the Women Writing the West Conference. It was my first one and will not be my last one. Everyone was so gracious and helpful. The workshops were excellent – some of the best I have ever attended. I made new friends and have been approached about a board position in the future.

Next Up

Tomorrow I will be attending Writer’s Digest Novel Writing Conference here in my hometown of Pasadena, CA. The hotel is about 8-10 minutes from my home so no need for airfare or hotel expenses. This will be my third one and looking forward to catching up with old friends.

While I have been working on my WWII novel, Because of You I have also developed in early stages story ideas for a couple of other historicals. Stay tuned for news on what I will put on the front burner.

Down the Rabbit Hole

While I haven’t posted in awhile, I have been busy, working on the edits for my woman’s fiction, Starting Over. Hopefully, it will go to the publisher by October 10th or so and be out in time for the holidays. My WWII novel is still moving forward, slowly but moving! Historical fiction takes a lot more work but I do love it. The research fascinates me and I find myself down the rabbit hole often. I must remind myself when enough is enough! Another book I am anxious to write about is of my hometown, Pasadena but more about that later. I have two writing conferences coming up and looking forward to learning from my fellow authors as well as writing professionals. The final conference for the year will be here in Pasadena so no travelling out of town or sleeping in a hotel – I can rest my head on my own pillow at night. Hope to have lots to tell you about. Ciao for now!

Catching Up

This is a photograph of women correspondents from WWII. They are in essence the subject of my next book, Because of You which is taking me longer than my other two books. So much research to do in order to make sure I have the facts correct. While there were a number of women correspondents during WWII, my character is a composite of several. I have given her a personality that is all her own. But the events are those that any number of these women would have encountered. I am fascinated by this period in our history.

In My Spare Time

While in the midst of writing, I took time to attend a Sisters in Crime Meeting. The big plus I came away with was speaking with the mystery noir husband and wife writing team of Janet Lynn and Will Zeilinger. Janet was gracious and happy to share with me wonderful hints about this writing journey and things I can incorporate! Will was charming as ever and a good compliment to his lovely wife, Janet. I love it when I can come away from a meeting not just with new info from the speaker but also having made new writing friends!

News About Me

I have been absent from this blog for far too long. Writing has been occupying my thoughts and time but I ‘m proud to say that I have submitted my second manuscript to Archway Publishing for a content review. My new book is titled Starting Over and I am so looking forward to getting it published and out into the world. It is a woman’s fiction set in Kauai. Stay tuned for more info on my new tome.

Just a taste of the location for my new book!