Down the Rabbit Hole

While I haven’t posted in awhile, I have been busy, working on the edits for my woman’s fiction, Starting Over. Hopefully, it will go to the publisher by October 10th or so and be out in time for the holidays. My WWII novel is still moving forward, slowly but moving! Historical fiction takes a lot more work but I do love it. The research fascinates me and I find myself down the rabbit hole often. I must remind myself when enough is enough! Another book I am anxious to write about is of my hometown, Pasadena but more about that later. I have two writing conferences coming up and looking forward to learning from my fellow authors as well as writing professionals. The final conference for the year will be here in Pasadena so no travelling out of town or sleeping in a hotel – I can rest my head on my own pillow at night. Hope to have lots to tell you about. Ciao for now!


Catching Up

This is a photograph of women correspondents from WWII. They are in essence the subject of my next book, Because of You which is taking me longer than my other two books. So much research to do in order to make sure I have the facts correct. While there were a number of women correspondents during WWII, my character is a composite of several. I have given her a personality that is all her own. But the events are those that any number of these women would have encountered. I am fascinated by this period in our history.

In My Spare Time

While in the midst of writing, I took time to attend a Sisters in Crime Meeting. The big plus I came away with was speaking with the mystery noir husband and wife writing team of Janet Lynn and Will Zeilinger. Janet was gracious and happy to share with me wonderful hints about this writing journey and things I can incorporate! Will was charming as ever and a good compliment to his lovely wife, Janet. I love it when I can come away from a meeting not just with new info from the speaker but also having made new writing friends!

News About Me

I have been absent from this blog for far too long. Writing has been occupying my thoughts and time but I ‘m proud to say that I have submitted my second manuscript to Archway Publishing for a content review. My new book is titled Starting Over and I am so looking forward to getting it published and out into the world. It is a woman’s fiction set in Kauai. Stay tuned for more info on my new tome.

Just a taste of the location for my new book!

Merry Christmas to All!

It has been a busy time of year for everyone but I’m never too busy to be thinking of all the people who have shown me their love and support this year. Writing is an isolating career and I love it when people stay in touch and want to meet up. So it’s important that we have connections that inspire and encourage us! Much love to you all!